[sane-devel] sniff usb data hp scanjet 4670v

Philipp Grüner krueny at web.de
Sat Apr 22 12:45:12 UTC 2006

Hi, I'm new to this list and have a few questions.
I bought me the hp scanjet 4670v.
On the sane homepage I read, that I should send in the mailing list that 
I'm planning to write a backend for this scanner.
But I have never written a sane-backend or another driver.
I read the "howto write a backend" and am at sniffing the usbcommands.
I downloaded the "USB Snoopy" on my windows xp test machine, but the 
execution of dbgview.exe terminates with the failure: "Couldn't access 
device driver".

Has anybody any suggestions?

thanks for your help

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