[sane-devel] Canon LIDE 500f

Aleš Novák alesak at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 21:35:48 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

I've accidentally bought Canon LIDE 500f scanner, mentioned few
messages before by Jeff. It's said to be GL841 - based, but simple
adding of vendor:product didn't helped. After some searching, I've
found it crashes after this sequence:

[genesys] sanei_genesys_write_register (0x0e, 0x00) completed
[genesys_gl841] gl841_bulk_write_register (size = 208)
[genesys_gl841] reg[0x01] = 0xa0
[genesys_gl841] reg[0x02] = 0x38
[genesys_gl841] reg[0x03] = 0x5f
[genesys_gl841] reg[0x04] = 0x10
[genesys_gl841] reg[0x05] = 0x40
[genesys_gl841] gl841_bulk_write_register: failed while writing
command: Invalid argument

It crashed on the sixth register, especially value 0x10 (thats
REG06_PWRBIT). As I don't know its meaning, I had not been amazed,
that simple removing it was not a solution.

Which way should I go? I've never tried to write driver for scanner,
but if you can point me, I can try to do something.



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