[sane-devel] Plustek scanner - follow up

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Thu Aug 3 18:35:12 UTC 2006

btw- if you ever move to the states, look me up. i could use an 
adminstrative secretary that knows how to login as root :)


On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, Immanuel CRC Office wrote:

> Okay, so I'm getting somewhere.
> Plustek OpticPro 9639P+, parallel port
> using plustek_pp backend.
> I have to run all as root so far.
> scanimage -L gives:
> device `plustek_pp:parport0' is a Plustek 9636P+/Turbo parallel port flatbed 
> scanner
> device `hpaio:/par/HP_LaserJet_1200?device=/dev/parport0' is a hp 
> HP_LaserJet_1200 multi-function peripheral
> (Great! I have two connected in series to my parallel port. Printer still 
> works. Ideally, I want both connected and both working, so we're getting 
> somewhere.)
> When I do:
> scanimage -d plustek_pp:parport0 -p > image.pnm
> I heard a bit of sounds from the scanner. Then I got:
> scanimage: sane_read: Error during device I/O
> 1. Still can only do stuff as root.
> 2. Need to fix error.
> Ideas?
> Crystle

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