[sane-devel] Canon LiDE 500F ?

Jeff Shrowder shrowder at uniting.com.au
Mon Aug 7 21:36:01 UTC 2006

This is a second attempt to post to this list.

Gerald Murray wrote:

 > Quoting Martin Seekatz <martin at pibbs.org>:
 >> is  anyone working on a backend for the Canon  LiDE 500F ?
 > I do not think anyone is actively pursuing this.  Much of the
 > base for the backend is already in sane in the genesys gl841
 > files.  There are no usbsnoop logs as of yet, and the frontend
 > (that acquires the image) is not known, so it is not known
 > whether this is a little change to the current backend, or a
 > larger patch.
 > best regards,
 > Gerald

I began to very tentatively look at this before Easter and got into some 
bother with the usbsnoop which seemed to leave a bad taste in win98's 
mouth - win98 wouldn't recognise one physical usb port and kept looking 
install a none existent usb device and .....

Then I got busy with Easter preparations and on top of Easter had to get 
organised for three weeks overseas. So, I haven't been back to it yet 
and I haven't forgotten about the project. It's just a matter of trying 
to sort out what happened with the usbs and win98 on the aforementioned 
box and then try to get some logs.

In the meantime I'm using my 500F via my dual-boot notebook networked to 
my main (Red Hat 9) box.

Rev. Jeff Shrowder, Bendigo South Cluster, Uniting Church in Australia

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