[sane-devel] sane-find-scanner detects smartcard reader as scanner

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Wed Aug 9 12:57:45 UTC 2006


> Attached devices: 
> Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 03 Lun: 00
>   Vendor: UMAX     Model: Astra 1200S      Rev: V2.9
>   Type:   Scanner                          ANSI SCSI revision: 02
> Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 06 Lun: 00
>   Vendor: MICROTEK Model: ScanMaker II     Rev: 5.61
>   Type:   Scanner                          ANSI SCSI revision: 01 CCS

could you send me the output of
sane-find-scanner -q
for your SCSI scanners.

To the others:
If others have also SCSI scanners attached, I would like to get
this kind of output too - both the output of "lsscsi -c"
and of "sane-find-scanner -q".

For reason and background information, please see

If I want to create a HAL fdi file, I need the exact SCSI strings
for vendor and product.

But according to the sane-find-scanner.c sources
printf ("found SCSI %s \"%s %s %s\" at %s\n",
  devtype < NELEMS (devtypes) ? devtypes[devtype] : "unknown device",
  vendor, product, version, devicename);
there is no delimiter to seperate those strings
so that the "sane-find-scanner -q" output of Daniel's scanners
seems to be something like
found SCSI scanner "UMAX Astra 1200S V2.9" at ...
found SCSI scanner "MICROTEK ScanMaker II 5.61" at ...
and it seems that I have no chance to seperate the SCSI vendor
from the SCSI product from the SCSI version via a script :-(

Unfortunately even something like "scanimage -f '%v:%m'"
seems not to help because for my HP ScanJet 6200C I get
# sane-find-scanner -q
found SCSI processor "HP C6270A 3846" at ...
# scanimage -f '%v:%m' ; echo
i.e. the vendor string in scanimage is not the SCSI vendor string :-(

Perhaps I should think about a sane-find-scanner enhancement
so that it prints the SCSI strings seperated when the "-v"
option is used?

Many Thanks and Kind Regards!
Johannes Meixner
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Maxfeldstrasse 5      Mail: jsmeix at suse.de
90409 Nuernberg, Germany                    WWW: http://www.suse.de/

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