[sane-devel] HP 2300C (GL646) head bumps and screams

Bill Dawson bill at billdawson.com
Wed Aug 9 21:32:39 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 15:34 +0200, Stéphane VOLTZ wrote:
>       Hello,
>       there was still a bug in "left position" detection. I fixed it
(in CVS) while 
> improving sanei_search_reference_point(). Things should be better now.
> Regards,
>       Stef

(Sorry, I'm resending this because I realized my earlier one couldn't
make it to the list because I used the wrong e-mail address.)

Unlike last time, this time there were no inconsistencies: I did two
tests and they seemed to be identical.  Unfortunately, each one of them
did the buzz/scream at the end (i.e., "bottom") of the scan, forcing me
to pull the plug.  So we're still at the point where I can't do two
scans without pulling the plug.

Results of the test are here:

If you wish -- so you don't need to keep checking stuff into cvs without
knowing how the test will go -- I'd be happy to alter my copy of the
sources in any way you suggest, then try it out and let you know how it
goes. -- Whichever way you'd like to do it is good for me.  Many thanks
again for your help.


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