[sane-devel] Scanmaker 4 i/o errors

Steven Hillis evultrole at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 02:20:22 UTC 2006

So, I know this isn't on the supported page, but I've seen in quite a few
places that people report success in using them with sane.

Also, appologies if this is already answered in the mailing list archive,
but it doesn't recognize phrase searches, and after about 30 pages of
Scanmaker results that have nothing to do with the problem, or even this
model of scanner, it seemed a rather large waste of time to continue

I have a Microtek Scanmake 4 rev. 01, it is picked up by sane, and it can go
so far as to preview scan, but that is it.

It goes up to:

scsi_send_gamma: pos=0x808a360, size=8192, word=1, color=3
[microtek2] scsi_set_window: ms=0x8079220, wnd=1
[microtek2] scsi_read_image_info: ms=0x8079220
[microtek2] scsi_read_image_info: ppl=611, bpl=1836, lines=1007,
[microtek2] prepare_buffers: ms=0x0x8079220
[microtek2] calculate_sane_params: ms=0x8079220
[microtek2] scsi_wait_for_image: ms=0x8079220
[microtek2] scsi_read_image_status: ms=0x8079220
[microtek2] scsi_read_image_status: use old image status
[microtek2] scsi_sense_handler: fd=3, sense=0xb768d060 arg=(nil)
[microtek2] dump_area: SenseBuffer
[microtek2]      0: f000090000000216 0000000060000000    ........ ....`...
[microtek2]     16: 00004c616d702066 61696c7572          ..Lamp f ailur
[microtek2] scsi_sense_handler: SENSE KEY (0x09), ASC (0x60), ASCQ (0x00)
[microtek2] scsi_sense_handler: info: 'Lamp failure'
[microtek2] scsi_sense_handler: Lamp failure
[microtek2] scsi_read_image_status: 'Error during device I/O'
[microtek2] scsi_wait_for_image: 'Error during device I/O'

then stops.

Ok, so, lamp failure, that sounds pretty self explanatory... but the preview
still works, and the last time I used it in Windows (admittedly about a year
ago) everything ran fine.

Now, I'm not so much looking for someone else to solve my problem as much as
informing me of a couple things.

First, should the scanner still be capable of a preview scan if the lamp is
failing? I've opened the thing up and everything *looks* to be working
correctly (all the lights are still working).

Second, will it damage the scanner in any way if I remove the failure check
and force it to scan anyway, assuming the lamp actually is going out?

Any help with this would be appreciated.
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