[sane-devel] Fujistu ADF scanner support?

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Tue Aug 15 11:30:10 UTC 2006


sane support is 'good' on both models.

i think both of those models are discontinued, but if you can get them 
cheap it might be worth it. the 4120 is usb 1.1 and scsi, and usually 
comes with a scsi card and cable. it is a much nicer scanner the the 5110 
series, but usb 1.1 is very slow for larger scans.

i think the 5110eox is usb2 only, and a little slower and noisier than the 
4120, but you can actually get the data out of the scanner with usb2 :)

if you have the option, the 4120c2 is usb2, and adds some neat features 
like background color changing, i have one sitting on my desk, so support 
is pretty good :)


On Mon, 14 Aug 2006, Nick Papadonis wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Does anyone know which Fujistu ADF duplex scanners
> work well with Sane?  I'm considering the FI-4120 or
> Fi-5110EOX (Scansnap) models.  Basically, for
> greyscale document archiving.
> I recently purchased a used HP 7400c and am not
> impressed.  The ADF unit jams and does not orient
> paper correctly.  Additionally, streaks appear in the
> scanned image.  It works excellent in flatbed mode.
> Any insight appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Nick

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