[sane-devel] About HP scanners

Dean Loros autocrosser at macdialup.com
Fri Aug 18 04:37:42 UTC 2006

Thank you Tyrone--

I have forwarded the sane-list to Robert--I also asked if he would wish 
his contact info to be distributed to the list--I am hopeful that there 
MIGHT be a answer to scanner drivers from HP--I believe that with enough 
level-headed reasoning dialog we can make a difference---I would still 
recommend e-mailing Mark Hurd at HP--I think we could show that we are a 
growing segment of users that need to be supported.

Tyrone Mills wrote:
> Well done Dean!
> Could you share the contact info you have, or perhaps an even better 
> idea would be to refer Robert to this list to see all the different 
> people who are struggling to make use of their HP Scanners. I for one 
> have a 4070 that I am forced to keep a solitary windows machine around 
> for. If their were Ubuntu drivers, I would be ecstatic.
> I had decided to write a backend for the 4070, so this is great news. 
> Even if they (HP) would provide technical specs for the scanners, I'm 
> sure there are many other people on this list who would create/update 
> backends to fully support the HP scanners.
> Anyway, enough rambling, good job and many thanks to you!
> Tyrone
> Dean Loros wrote:
>> I recently sent a E-mail to HP's president Mark Hurd talking about 
>> the poor state of Linux support with HP products. I did not expect an 
>> answer to my mail & was very surprised to get several e-mails & 3 
>> phone calls in return. It seems that HP is getting sensitive in 
>> regards to Linux support & is willing to talk--The last conversation 
>> with a Senior member of tech support (& knowledgeable about Linux 
>> Distros)
>> "Robert G. McCoy
>> Quality Case Manager
>> HP Total Care
>> Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.
>> I have been assigned your case in regard to the ScanJet 4370.
>> Per our discussion today, I will be broaching the subject of possible
>> Linux drivers for HP scanners, in particular Ubuntu.
>> As I indicated, I won't guarantee support but will definitely visit with
>> the engineers on this.
>> If you have any other questions, concerns or just wish to relay more
>> information or requests in regard to this issue, don't hesitate to
>> contact me."
>> I would encourage everyone that is having trouble with a HP scanner 
>> to open a dialog with HP--it does seem that the time is ripe to make 
>> some changes!!!

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