[sane-devel] Xsane - and inability to complete scan

Victor Warner vwarner at woroner.com
Fri Aug 18 12:52:04 UTC 2006

Using latest version of xsane (0.991), compiled from source, under  
Linspire 5.0.347. Using a HPLJ3030 installed using HPLIP 1.67.

When scanning, the scanner starts and completes scanning, and then xsane  
starts showing that it is "receiving gray data" the following error  
message is produced

"Error during read: Error during device I/O".

I have tried using scanimage in the console (eg scanimage  
>/home/victor/various/test.tiff) and I can sucessfully scan.

Any help with this problem would be very gratefully received. Before I  
reinstalled Linspire I had installed and used this version of xsane  
without problem.

Victor Warner

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