[sane-devel] SANE 2 proposal : sane_get_device_descriptor()

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at laposte.net
Sat Aug 19 20:34:08 UTC 2006


Using SANE 1, application can retreive informations only about detected
devices by sane_get_devices(). That would be nice if SANE allow to
retreive such data for any device name.

I suggest :
      * make sane_get_devices() returns a list of device name (e.g. a
        NULL terminated SANE_String_Const array);
      * create const SANE_Device_Descriptor*
        sane_get_device_descriptor(SANE_String_Const name) wich return
        the device "name" descriptor.
      * Drop the name field of SANE_Device_Descriptor.

I wish you find this suggestion useful.

Verso l'Alto !

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