[sane-devel] Problem with sane plustek_pp

Flavio Lopes flavioml at wnetrj.com.br
Tue Aug 22 18:31:42 UTC 2006


 From the sane-backend 1.0.17  version to 1.0.18, I have a small problem 
with my scanner plustek p12.  Although it scans images correctly, the 
carriage of the scanner does not return, after scan or pre-scan.  This 
is truth as for slackware 10.2, updated from current, as for Fedora Core 
5.  Doing the downgrade for the version 1.0.16, the scanner comes back 
to works correctly.  Someone has a solution for that?


Flavio J. M. Lopes
flavioml at wnetrj.com.br

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