[sane-devel] HP Scanjet 2400 (genesys)

Stéphane VOLTZ stefdev at modulonet.fr
Mon Aug 28 06:22:56 UTC 2006

Le samedi 19 août 2006 11:29, SHAILESHKUMAR GADHAVI a écrit :
> Dear Sir/Madam,
>  I am trying to scan images through the scanner mentioned above.  The
> "sane-find-scanner" lists my scanner. Also "scanimage -L" lists the device
> properly.  But when I issue command "scanimage > image.pnm", I am getting
> following errors and the hardware makes little motor noise and stops.
>  [genesys] WARNING: Your scanner is not fully supported or at least
>  [genesys]          had only limited testing. Please be careful and
>  [genesys]          report any failure/success to
>  [genesys]          sane-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org. Please provide as
> many [genesys]          details as possible, e.g. the exact name of your
> [genesys]          scanner and what does (not) work.
>  Please let me know how to overcome this problems.
>  It would be  a great help.
>  Thanks & Regards,
>  Shailesh
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	I'm back from a 2 weeks holidays. The support for HP2400 isn't progressing 
fast since I don't have access to such model. However, I'm in the process to 
document how to add support for it, and doing some modifications to the 
genesys backend. Current CVS version has support for the 2400C in warm up. 
Tests and code finalization is left to people having a device to work on, and 
willing to do it.

	With the latest version of the documentation and code (at 
http://perso.modulonet.fr/~stefdev/sane/gl646-wip03.odt), there should be 
enough information to get warming up working. The 2 functions to test and fix 
	- gl646_init_regs_for_warmup
	- genesys_warmup_lamp

	The set up of the scanner in the backend log will have to match this 
(extracted from usb logs):
slope_table0=7210 7210 
R01=0x41	CCD, watchdog, disable shading, normal scanning, uncompressed data, 
DRAM 4Mx1, shading whole line, enable scan
R02=0x41	auto-go-home enabled, disable moving when buffer full, auto-go-home 
after scan disabled, turn off MOTOR power and phase, one table motor moving, 
motor forward, bipolar: half step, unipolar: half step
R03=0x07	alternated CCD TG function disabled, select dpi deletion function, 
transparency lamp off, lamp POWER off, lamp sleeping off, lamp on time=7*64k 
line period
R04=0x53	color lineart, 16 bits data, frontend type 16 bits, scan color type 
color, frontend B 
R05=0x50	1200 dpi, 14 bits gamma table, disable gamma correction, normal gray 
CIS, 24 clocks/pixel
R06=0x18	PWRBIT on, shading gain=4, normal AFE image capture
R07=0x00	MPU access under command mode, MPU write DRAM under command mode, 
R08=0x14	CCD RS rising edge position=20
R09=0x15	CCD RS falling edge position=21
R0a=0x00	CCD CP rising edge position=0
R0b=0x00	CCD CP falling edge position=0
R11=0x00	Red exposure time=0
R13=0x00	Green exposure time=0
R15=0x00	Blue exposure time=0
R16=0xbf	CCD CP & RS high when TG high, forward CCD RGBSEL, inverse CCD TG, 
inverse CCD Clock 1, inverse CCD Clock 2, inverse CCD CP & RS, disable CCD TG 
position Clock 1/2 signal, disable CCD TG position CP & RS signal
R17=0x08	without dummy line CCD TG type, CCD TG width=8
R18=0x3f	TG and clock set to non-Canon CIS style, 2 time CCD clocks speed for 
dummy line, half cycle per pixel for CCD Clock/2, sytem clock for CCD Clock/2 
delay=3, 4 time CCD Clock speed for capture image
R19=0x2a	dummy exposure time=42
R1a=0x00	CCD Clock rising edge position=0
R1b=0x00	CCD Clock falling edge position=0
R1c=0x00	disable CCD Clock 3, forward CCD Clock 3, Blue channel TG=0, Green 
channel TG=0, Red channel TG=0
R1d=0x02	automatic CCD Clock/2 programming, CCD shoulder width=2
R1e=0x80	watchdog time=8, 0 dummy line
R1f=0x10	SCANFED=16
R20=0x20	BUFSEL=32 2k words
R21=0x02	STEPNO=2
R22=0x10	FWDSTEP=16
R23=0x10	BWDSTEP=16
R24=0x02	FASTNO=2
R27=0x02	LINCNT=2
R29=0xff	LAMPPWM=511 12 duty
R2d=0xc8	DPISET=200 
R2e=0x78	B&W high threshold=120
R2f=0x7f	B&W low threshold=127
R31=0x39	start pixel=57 
R33=0xa7	end pixel=2727 
R34=0x0f	dummy pixel count=15
R37=0x6e	maximum word size per line=2670 
R39=0x2a	CCD line period set to 7210 
R3f=0x01	motor feeding steps write=1 
R44=0x6a	valid image data words=3946 
R50=0x00	frontend read address=0
R51=0x00	frontend write address=0
R52=0x0b	Red low byte AFE data latch=11
R53=0x0f	Red high byte AFE data latch=15
R54=0x13	Green low byte AFE data latch=19
R55=0x17	Green high byte AFE data latch=23
R56=0x03	Blue low byte AFE data latch=3
R57=0x07	Blue high byte AFE data latch=7
R58=0x63	AFE image sampling rising edge=12, AFE image sampling pulse width=3, 
R59=0x00	AFE dark voltage sampling rising edge=0, AFE dark voltage sampling 
pulse width=0, 
R5a=0xc1	Wolfson AFE type, select reset level clamp, AFE CDSREF=0, AFE RLC=1, 
R5b=0x00	first point of rising edge=0, 
R5c=0x00	first point of falling edge=0, 
R5d=0x00	second point of rising edge=0, 
R5e=0x00	second point of falling edge=0, 
R61=0x00	Z1MOD=0
R63=0x00	Z2MOD=0
R64=0x00	unipolar motor phase=0
R65=0x3f	unipolar motor phase duty cycle=63/64
R67=0x00	GPO=3000
R69=0x00	GPO enable=3100
R6a=0x7f	bipolar: half step, unipolar: half stepunipolar motor phase duty 
R6b=0x02	fast moving slop steps=2
R6c=0x00	TGTIME=0^2 periods, Z1MOD[18:16]=0, Z2MOD[18:16]=0, 
R6d=0x7f	go home decelaration steps=3^2, stop time (in LPERIOD)=31, 

	a few differences are OK, for instance the code in CVS will use 2668 pixels 
instead of 2770.


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