[sane-devel] backend 1.0.17 dell A920 no movement

Stéphane VOLTZ stefdev at modulonet.fr
Sat Feb 4 07:54:27 UTC 2006

Le Jeudi 2 Février 2006 18:41, Maarten Storm a écrit :
> >	Stef
> Thanks for your fast reply. I tried installing the experimental cvs, but
> still same problem. The scanner seems to start and then it locks. I
> think there is another problem also. I have attached the new log.
> Regards,
> Maarten


	it seems you are still running th 1.0.17 version of the backend, not the 
experimental one. You should have version 1.0-1 not :

[lexmark] SANE Lexmark backend version 1.0-0

	You can double check by doing 'scanimage -L', if a Dell A920 is listed, you 
are running the experimental version.

	To test withtout installing, you can go to the sane-backends/backend 
directory where the backend is compiled, then do
export LD_PRELOAD=.libs/libsane-lexmark.so.1.0.17
so when running scanimage, xscanimage or xsane from the sane-backends/backend 
directory, you'll be using local version.

	Once everything works, you may install it.


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