[sane-devel] Hardware producers

Martin Hoevenaar martin at hoevenaar.com
Mon Feb 6 13:40:03 UTC 2006

Hello Gerhard,

I am trying to get my scanner working, but I am not "into programming"
alot, as in: not at all. But I see that you're hardwork together with
all the people involved and understand there is a need to address
hardware producers to include, at least, the sourcecode of the drivers
for their hardware on the cd that comes in the box with it.

After looking at many of the producer's websites and digging for
answers, there seems to be a lack of knowledge or interest in doing so.
Maybe commercial reasons are the base for that, I don't know. My
question is: is there a forum or a group of people that tries to
motivate these producers for including all things needed to run the

My guess is that it is for their and the user's interest a good thing by
doing so.

I hope you can point me out some directions for me, so I could try to
contact them or join a group and try it that way. Since Linux is
becoming a big part of the desktop industry it should be logical.

Greetings and keep up the excellent work!!

P.s. My scanner is a HP Scanjet 2400, the least supported of them all.

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