[sane-devel] Scanner (USB) not found after kernel upgrade

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Mon Feb 13 15:22:04 UTC 2006


On Feb 7 21:32 Till Kamppeter wrote (shortened):
> The usblp module can be replaced by a libusb-based CUPS backend.
> Download
> http://www.linuxprinting.org/till/tmp/usb-libusb.c
> The libusb-based CUPS backend is written by Couriousous, a Mandriva
> contributor, thanks to him for this work. I CC him, so that he can
> perhaps help on this issue.

I do not understand how the original code should work
(at least not for CUPS 1.1.x) because there is no "main" function.
Doesn't each CUPS backend run as stand-alone program?

> Another problem is the memory card reader in the Epson photo printers
> and MF devices, AFAIK there is no libusb-based driver for USB mass
> storage devices, and no solution to provide mountable file systems
> completely in user space.


For me it hangs up during list_devices() with endless
INFO: USB printer is busy; will retry in 5 seconds...
messages and dmesg reports
usbfs: interface 2 claimed by usb-storage while ... sets config
I don't know if it is possible with libusb but it should
give up after a short time instead of endless probing
(perhaps one can replace the unlimited "while" loops
with limited "for" loops).

rmmod usb-storage
it detects my EPSON Stylus Photo RX420 correctly.
The conflict with usb-storage is because the RX420 has also
a cardreader unit included.

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