[sane-devel] Definition of "struct option"...

shanthan Kumar shanthank at integramicro.com
Wed Feb 15 14:21:15 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I am doing a project on  avision scanner driver, in which my role is to port the Sane's application scanimage.c file to an application in winCE.

Here, in the source code of this application, there is an array basic_options[] of type "struct option" initialised with some no. of values. and also a variable all_options of type "struct option". I am unable to make out as what this structure option 's members are, please some one help me in defining the members and their type of this structure.

And also in the array basic_options[], the members are initialised with various strings and the second value in every set of initialisations, its one of these three values:  i.e., required_argument, no_argument, optional_argument,,, unable to make out as what these variables are, I mean where they are coming from, and their flow, someone please help me to deal with this simple problem, for which I would be very thank full..



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