[sane-devel] updated Fujitsu SANE backend (fwd)

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Fri Feb 17 21:40:27 UTC 2006

first- i apologize if you get this mail twice (or even three times). i 
have included several people in the cc list, not knowing if you still 
subscribe to sane-devel. and, sane-devel has frozen the original message, 
so i resend with no one in the cc: list...


i have a crude rewrite of the fujitsu backend on my website. it wont damage 
your system or your scanner (that i know of :) but it is only partially 
working. i need some of you with access to different scanners
to test this code and see if it at least gets past the points that you had 
trouble before.

i have tested this code myself with the fi-5110C, and so the following are 
known issues on that model.

1. last block of any scan will be missing, and likely look black.
2. gray scale images are color reversed
3. cant scan at certain widths in lineart?
4. color mode is byte shifted
5. duplex is untested
6. paper size specification is partially disabled

in addition, SCSI is completely disabled ATM. do not even bother using this 
code with a scsi-only model.

if anyone in earshot could please give this a quick go with their fujitsu usb 
scanner, and just report back if you can get anything out of it at all, and if 
repeated invocations of scanimage cause hangups, i would be most grateful.



"so don't tell us it can't be done, putting down what you don't know.
money isn't our god, integrity will free our souls" - Max Cavalera

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