[sane-devel] snapscan: scanner model

Oliver Schwartz Oliver.Schwartz at gmx.de
Sat Feb 18 16:37:02 UTC 2006


> I'm using 1.0.17.
> is this distincion made here:
> <code>
> snapscan-options.c-278-    case PERFECTION2480:
> snapscan-options.c-279-        if (ps->hconfig_epson & 0x20)
> snapscan-options.c-280-        {
> </code>
> ???


> Two days ago I did some debug logs for Paul (he's working on OS/2),
> but I used the 'scanimage' command, sth. like:
> <code>
> scanimage -d snapscan:libusb:004:008
> </code>

If scanimage works xsane should work as well. If it doesn't there's 
probably something wrong with your backend installation, e.g. you may 
have two versions of sane-backends installed (one in /usr/lib/sane.d, 
another in /usr/local/lib/sane.d)

> But now, I wanted to send You a log from xsane, and to my surprise
> xsane says "no device found" :(
> I've checked, and after plugging the scanner to USB, in
> /var/log/messages I've got only:
> <code>
> Feb 18 13:29:34 localhost kernel: [4523557.302000] usb 4-3: new
> high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 18
> </code>
> No device nodes are created for the scanner.

You don't need the device nodes. The backend should always use libusb, 
which doesn't need the device nodes. You can check what's going on by 

If you don't get any output try
SANE_DEBUG_DLL=255 xsane 
and check that the snapscan backend is loaded at all. If it isn't, 
check the dll.conf configuration file.


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