[sane-devel] Are there any errors in inputting data under genesys_gl646.c ?

Parag N(पराग़) panemade at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 06:03:56 UTC 2006

         Can anybody please verify that what i found is correct or wrong ?
In gl646_init_regs() function under genesys_gl646.c file
1)   dev->reg[reg_0x6d].value = 0x01 /*0x1f */ ;        /* select
deceleration steps whenever go home (0), accel/decel stop time (31 *
LPeriod) */
     here in windows usb log for HP2300 i found having always values
0x7f not 0x01
2) Also why some times in windows usb log register R6b have different
values as motor steps 0x02/0x78/0x80 and how 0x78 is selected as
initial hard coded value? i found first initial value for this
register in HP2300c log as 0x80 so why its not there?
3) why register R65 is 0x00 i found all values in windows usb log have
0x3f value?
line=>  dev->reg[reg_0x65].value = 0x00;        /* PWM duty cycle for table
one motor phase (63 = max) */
4) why R31 is not hard coded and why its initialized to same as R34
which is having dummy pixel value?
line=>  dev->reg[reg_0x31].value = dev->sensor.dummy_pixel /*0x10 */
;       /* TGW + 2*TG_SHLD + x  */
5) same thing i found w..r.t. other registers  in series 0x,1x,3x?

Can anybody point me where my understanding is going wrong?

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