[sane-devel] Lexmark X1150 Not working with Lexmark backend v1.0.17

Fred Odendaal freshshelf at rogers.com
Thu Jan 5 02:27:40 UTC 2006


 From your description it sounds like the scanner is failing to find 
home and is going too far past the home position.
If you get a chance perhaps you could try a small scan with debugging 
turned on and send me the logfile.
Here is an example of how to create a logfile using xsane:
- If your shell is a korn shell, or bash shell type "export 
- If your shell is C shell, or tcsh shell type "setenv 
- From the same shell type "xsane 2> xsane_log"
- Try doing a scan and quit. Send me the xsane_log file.

If you are using a different frontend replace "xsane" with that 
frontend's name.

Fred O.

MIchael Mueller wrote:

> HI,
> Just compiled and installed the Sane Backend 1.0.17. With my mutli 
> function X1150, it detects the scanner OK but when I attempt a preview 
> or a normal scan  the scanner   keepa  bumping across to the  right 
> hand side (looking at the scanner) this is where it actually starts 
> from. The progam then hangs for a bit and finally  produces a black page.
> Just submitting this as feed back was requested.
> Thanks for your efforts.
> MM

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