[sane-devel] Trust Office Scanner USB 19200

Paul van Maaren maaren at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 09:35:42 UTC 2006


I have a Trust Office Scanner USB 19200 which I submitted yesterday as not
supported. On IRC I was pointed an URL:

19:02 < gekl> paul_: check this email about your scanner

This indeed more or less solved my problem. At least I can scan, only the
resulting image is mirrored. This can be fixed with xsane, but it would be
nicer to have it working the right way. To sum things up, I did the following:

Changed the following in backend/niash_xfer.c
{"Hewlett-Packard", "ScanJet 4300C", 0x47b,0x1002, eHp4300c}


{"Silitek Corp.", "HP ScanJet 4300c", 0x47b, 0x1000, eHp3400c}

and the same in tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap and recompile.

If someone wants me to do some more testing to get this scanner included,
please let me know.

Ps. I am not subscribed to this list.

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