[sane-devel] Benq 5150C / 5250C users: please test

Benjamin Greiner BenJin at gmx.de
Sat Jan 7 16:47:37 UTC 2006

> Hi all,
> I've added some basic support for the Benq 5150C / 5250C scanner to
> the snapscan backend. Anyone owning such a scanner is encouraged to
> test it and inform me of any problems.

Ok, I did some testing with my BenQ 5150C.

My first try was in 300dpi color mode (because this was default). There are no 
color stripes anymore. However, the scanned area was not very wide. Although 
the full available range ((0,0)x(216.0,297.0)mm^2) was selected in 
xscanimage. The resulting image had only 109 mm in width and approx. 145 mm 
in height (measured with millimetre graph paper)

This is independent of selected resolution and colour mode.

'Gray' doesn't work. It still results in very distorted Images. When doing 
'gray' with xsane there is a message box saying "Backend sends more image 
data than it defined in parameters", after scanning in preview mode.

'Halftone' sends wrong colours, and sometimes the same patterns as gray. In 
xscanimage, preview crashes in this mode.

Lineart however sends correct data when not selecting "quality scan" (at first 
glance, no further investigation done).

At the beginning, I had some hangs, which required to hard reset the scanner, 
but this is not reproducible.

> At present the calibration algorithm for the 5150 / 5250 is unknown.
> The calibration data sent to the scanner is currently some static
> data which may or may not work for all scanners.

I'm not a hardware developer. But if you need any data, be free to ask. But as 
my attempt to sniff on the USB-bus in Windows fired up the whole system and I 
could not scan anymore until the next reinstall of W2K, I won't do that 

Regards, Ben

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