[sane-devel] CanoScan 3200F: Brief status: backend writing started

Lauri Pirttiaho lauri.pirttiaho at luukku.com
Sun Jan 22 11:53:48 UTC 2006

For those eagerly waiting for the backend for CanoScan 3200F,
a brief status report.

Past couple of weeks I have been working on the actual
backend and I abandoned the planned stand-alone package.
Reason was that I did not, after a second tought, do
many things that come free with the Sane frontends.

So, it took about two weeks to get something to connect to
scanimage and see that I have understood the basic interface
and that I could build the proper shared libraries. Here
is how I did it:

In my home directory I made a working directory sane
and put the latest sane-backends (fresh from CVS) there.
Then I made sandbox directory to there and configured
the sane-backends to use that (--prefix ~/sane/sandbox)
and only to build the cs3200f and test backends 
(BACKENDS="test cs3200f").

After configuration I made some manual changes to the
makefile and created the working files (starting with
cs3200f.[ch] and adding others as needed). Because of these
manual changes this can't yet be diffed to the CVS
but once I get everything else working, putting the
needed changes on top of the fresh CVS checkout is
relatively straight forward task.

So far I have created the interface and option handling
so that xsane finds everything correctly and controls
the options also correctly. (Kooka does not show many
custom parameters, but that is it's problem. After all,
you can't contol test backend with kooka either).

The next steps will then be creation of the scannning
thread and submitting default data from there to get
some test image. Then I will be ready to begin integrating
the actual driver and the library interface. I assume
that starts sometime in early February.

So, progressing about in schedule.

With best regards,

Lauri Pirttiaho

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