[sane-devel] Epson 2450

Mogens Jaeger mogensjaeger at get2net.dk
Wed Jan 25 01:12:44 UTC 2006

Jason Fuchs wrote:

>I have an epson 2450 photo that I have been trying to get running under linux 
>for some time now.
>I found an old patch on this mailing list with a workaround, however many 
>features still do not work with that patch enabled(especially in iscan.)
>The sane page still shows this scanner as fully supported, but support for 
>this scanner seems to have gone away since the scanner module was dropped 
>from the kernel tree.
>I posted a bug on libusb site addressing the issue, but it has been over a 
>Has any progress been made on getting this scanner to work with libusb? I 
>assumed this was a libusb problem as it worked before with the scanner  
>kernel interface, am I correct in that or is this something that should be 
>addressed within sane?  
>Thanks for any help....-Jason

I am using the same scanner, and I have given up using it on USB2 - all 
works in USB1.1., only pretty slow.
So I have bought a Firewire cable, and it runs great and fast now.
I am using the sane-backens-1.0.17 and xsane-0.991.
I have some issues on negative-scanning - somehow odd colors. The 
autoenhance function is certainely not enough.
I have read your bug - it sounds like my problems with the USB2, and yes 
- they changed the USB-thing from kernel 2.4 to 2.6.
Epson writes, that with this series of scanners, you risks problem 
connecting it through a hub!

mvh Mogens Jæger

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