[sane-devel] Lexmark backend / Dell A920

Stéphane VOLTZ stefdev at modulonet.fr
Thu Jan 26 05:49:44 UTC 2006


	I have borrowed a Dell A920 which happens to be a relabelled Lexmark X1100 
series scanner. As expected, it is slightly different from the X1100 model 
for which the lexmark backend works. So I'm about to add support for the A920 
in this backend. For that I think doing the following changes:

	- move the shadow_registers table in device struct in case someone has
	    several of theses scanners plugged int the same computer.
 	- detect scanner model by using USB ids
	- add a struct holding flags and parameters on a model basis like the gt68xx 
	  or genesy backend
	- move constant register values to sanei_lexmark_x1100_init(), and initialize
	  differently according to scanner model
	- finally set up the about 20 registers (sensor and motor related) that 
	 differs between the X110 and A920 in each scan opertion

	Fred Odendaal, what do you think of it.? If it is the correct route to take, 
how do you prefer these changes being done ? Through patches sent to the 
list, or in a copy of the backend in the experimental CVS staging area ?


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