[sane-devel] Plustek OpticFilm 7200 : first investigations

Jean-Baka Domelevo domelevo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 10:03:03 UTC 2006

On 1/28/06, Pierre Willenbrock <pierre at pirsoft.dnsalias.org> wrote:
> gl841 and gl842 are identical from the driver side. The genesys backend
> works for my scanner which is a gl842 based Canon LiDE 35.

Hi Pierre,
I've downloaded the genesys files from the CVS, and I've seen you're
the main contributor to the genesys backend nowadays... Thanks very
much for your work.
You say gl841 and 842 are to be driven the exact same way... Great
news, so the "only" thing I have to do is to work out a Genesys_Model
struct for the OpticFilm 7200 to be but in genesys_devices.c ? And
also ad something in Sensor[] and Motor[] ? I guess I will have to dig
out what's the exact CCD in my box, right ?
And also, it is said that the GL842 can handle 600, 1200 or 2400 dpi
resolutions, nothing more? But Plustek repeatedly state that their
scanner is a 7200 * 7200 dpi _in hardware_... What does it mean ?


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