[sane-devel] Lexmark x1195 Problem

Fred Odendaal freshshelf at rogers.com
Thu Jul 6 02:04:53 UTC 2006


There are a few things to check with this all-in-one. First, you MUST 
have USB2.0. It will not work with USB1.1!

Second, there may be an issue with usb communication due to interaction 
with the printer part of the x1195. Before you do a scan try unplugging 
the x1195 power cable, wait 5 seconds, and plug it in. Does this make 
scanning work?

Also, try unplugging the x1195 usb cable, wait 5 seconds, and plug it 
in. Does this make scanning work?

Let me know the results of trying the above simple tests to see if you 
need to create some logfiles.

Fred Odendaal

prolinus at brturbo.com.br wrote:
> Hi, my name is Gilberto, I work in System Linux call FenIX Linux in 
> Brazil, www.sistemafenix.com.br, the big problem in multifunction 
> printer in Brazil is lexmark x1195, because this printer have low 
> price here is very easy find lexmark for sale here. The problem is in 
> scanner, the printer is ok with driver z600 lexmark work very well.But 
> sane 1.17 and 1.18 source is not ok!!
> The scanner break any times and others scanner the image white!!!!
> Is very important work with scanner!!! Please help me??? one soluction???
> Thank You people!!!
> ob. if need other information about log or others questions please 
> send me email.
> Gilberto
> www.sistemafenix.com.br

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