[sane-devel] using parallel port scanner as ordinary user in recent version of Fedora

Andre Robatino andre at bwh.harvard.edu
Mon Jul 10 23:36:16 UTC 2006

  My father has a Umax Astra 2000P parallel port scanner.  At present 
it's accessible only as root.  Before the advent of udev, it was 
possible to access as an ordinary user by changing the permission of 
/dev/parport0 from 660 to 666.  Since udev appeared in Fedora 2, another 
solution is needed.  After reading sane man pages, we've done the following:

1) In /etc/sane.d/dll.conf, uncommented "umax_pp".
2) In /etc/sane.d/net.conf, uncommented "localhost".
3) In /etc/xinetd.d, created a file "sane-port" with the contents:

# default: off
# description: The sane server accepts requests
# for network access to a local scanner via the
# network.
service sane-port
   port        = 6566
   socket_type = stream
   wait        = no
   user        = root
   group       = root
   server      = /usr/sbin/saned

  This is copied from the template in the saned man page, with the user 
and group changed from saned to root, since user and group saned don't 
exist, and since running as root would allow direct hardware access.  I 
didn't add "localhost" to /etc/sane.d/sane.conf since the saned man page 
says that connections from localhost are always permitted.  The file 
/etc/services already contains the lines

sane-port       6566/tcp                        # SANE Control Port
sane-port       6566/udp                        # SANE Control Port

Ordinary user access still doesn't work.  What's wrong?

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