[sane-devel] USB-sniff help with Canon FS2720U

Tabor Kelly tkelly-sane-devel at taborandtashell.net
Tue Jul 18 02:58:21 UTC 2006

Bertrik Sikken wrote:
> By the way, it's indeed a bit unusual to see interface-class requests
> at the start of the log. It looks like those transfers are used to
> upload firmware or something. Can you find out what the USB id of
> your device is, after it has been plugged into windows?
> Can you also check what the USB id / descriptors look like when it
> is plugged into Linux? And after turning it off and on again while
> connected to linux? (run 'lsusb -vv' as root).
> If firmware is being uploaded, the USB id should change.

Thanks for the thorough response to my n00b questions. The Vendor ID 
(0x04A9) and Product ID (0x3053) are the same in Windows 2000 and FreeBSD.

I will dig through the USB-sniff logs and see if I can get it to do 
anything on FreeBSD.


Tabor Kelly

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