[sane-devel] Canon LiDE 20: Awful noise after/before scans

Dimitrios Bogiatzoules linux at bogiatzoules.de
Mon Jul 24 15:31:50 UTC 2006

Gerhard Jaeger said the following on 24.07.2006 09:09:
> my only comment is (I wrote and maintain the backend): it works for me,
> with the old and the current version. I have to admitt, that I habe the N670U,
> but I'm pretty sure, that the LiDE20 also works (it's only relabeled).
> I also got various reports about that issue, but I could not fix any of them
> cause:
> - I could not reproduce it
> - noone is able to send me a "sane" parameterset
> - noone is able to do some more tests (with feedback!)
> - I don't have a LiDE20 which causes this trouble
> I suspect that the current parameterset (which is the same since 1.0.15) makes
> the device operate nearly the limit, and that there are some devices beyond.
> Of course I'm willing to fix that problem (private mail is on its way)

OK, guys. The scanner is packed and will be sent out to Gerhard tomorrow
morning. Let's see what he can find out...


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