[sane-devel] RE: help with Canon 650U

void at chatcircuit.com void at chatcircuit.com
Wed Mar 1 14:50:03 UTC 2006

those logs are from root. I looked at my kernel. I have all the usb stuff
compiled into the kernel. I have usbfs compiled. I'm guessing it is a problem
with udev. I ran the knoppix cd last night, hotplug creates /dev/usbscanner and
my native machine does not. I have hotplug, udev, and coldplug installed. right
now the kernel is using udev. I can see that in /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug. I
didn't bring logs with me today, I have left over hotplug config files on my
thumbdrive. hotplug doesn't even do a thing with my scanner. It's like hotplug
doesn't see something that is there. as for udev, I noticed last night that
scanners isn't listed in the rules. So far today I haven't found anything for a
need for scanner in the rules.

Well, if you can think of anything post back.

Thanks again,

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