[sane-devel] Canon LIDE35 color and motor issues

Luke Campagnola luke.campagnola at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 10:19:28 UTC 2006

First I want to thank everybody for their great work on the genesys backend, 
we really appreciate your hard work! 
Now the complaining bit. I've been comparing the sane driver to the windows 
driver and I've come up with a few notes:
 - The windows driver seems to have much smarter control of the stepper motor. 
This is just a minor issue, but at any scan speed, the head is constantly 
starting, stopping, reversing, and starting again under sane.
 - Color reproduction is better with the sane driver than the windows driver, 
which tends to boost the reds way too much (yaay)
 - Brightness reproduction is quite poor with the sane driver. It seems that 
darker colors just drop off to black very quickly. I've posted a sample scan 
on my website here: http://luke.no-ip.org/tmp/color_comparison.png
There are four images--the top row is SANE, bottom row is windows. The left 
column shows the original scans and the right column has the contrast cranked 
up. You can see pretty clearly in the top-right image that a lot of the photo 
has been lost under SANE. 

If I have time, I'll tinker with some of the exposure registers (EXPR, EXPG, 
EXPB) and see if that helps.. any ideas for other places I might look?


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