[sane-devel] visioneer 7300 driver?

Nehpets Farnkiln plamtrue at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 13 08:57:04 UTC 2006

 I've been having trouble finding the .usb file for the Visioneer 7300.
 So i found the Windows driver "Scndrvu.drv" and put that into "gt68xx" directory.
 and i added the following firmware line to the gt68xx.conf:
 > firmware "/usr/share/sane/gt68xx/Scndrvu.drv"
 (The gt68xx directory was in that location, and not in "/usr/local/share/...")
 Also I tried using the each of the 6 following .bin files i found in the same Windows directory as "Scndrvu.drv":  
 BL12HBD.bin, BL12HBW.bin, BL12HGD.bin, BL12HGW.bin, BL12HRD.bin, BL12HRW.bin
 But none of those worked.
 The scanner is (probably) detected by "sane-find-scanner" and by gnome device manager.  But I get "no SANE devices found" for "scanimage".
 Also I'm using Ubuntu, is that my problem?
 please help.  please.
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