[sane-devel] Benq 5300U not working with sane-backends-1.0.17

Oliver Schwartz Oliver.Schwartz at gmx.de
Sun Mar 19 17:55:55 UTC 2006


> Once that was done, "scanimage -L" finds an "Acer FlatbedScanner22
> flatbed scanner", which corresponds to an Benq 4300 scanner. (I was
> expecting FlatbedScanner24, which corresponds to my scanner.) 

The scanner should report FlatbedScanner24 after a successful firmware 
download. Before that it's usually some other value, e.g. 

> Using 
> either the firmware for the 5300U (u254v042.bin) or the the 4300
> (u222v067.bin), I get a device I/O error. Specifically, "scanimage
> > test.pnm" returns "scanimage: open of device
> snapscan:libusb:001:003 failed: Error during device I/O", and
> "sane-troubleshoot" generates a lengthy log ending with:

> I notice that the sane-snapscan page mentions that firmware upload
> problems have been reported with my scanner, but if I am reading
> the log above correctly this does not appear to be a problem here.

The scanner stops responding after the firmware has been sent to the 
scanner. The transfer itself seems to be fine. It's possible that 
neither of the two firmware files is the correct one for your 
scanner. What's the USB ID of your scanner (e.g. output from 


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