[sane-devel] Canon MP450

Jose Juan Iglesias Rebollo drimakus at iies.es
Wed Mar 22 13:03:18 UTC 2006

Hi all!

I'd like to contribute to SANE by writing a back-end for my Canon Pixma 
MP450 -well..., for all of them-. I've just started
sniffing the USB traffic, I've got some ideas and limited knowledge, 
mainly about scanning protocols.

As you certainly know, the Canon MP450 is one of those multifunction 
printers with scanner that can operate to some extent without
a PC. It can initiate the scanning process in several ways:

    Scan and open the image with an application.
    Scan and store the image in the PC in jpg.
                                                          in PDF.
    Scan and send the image via e-mail.

My intention, as a first stage, would be to write a back-end that 
receives the image scanned by the MP450 and decides which action
to perform over the image. I assume that the MP450 doesn't convert the 
scanned image to, i.e., PDF. Is there any existing back-end with this
kind of behaviour?

I've seen that Christopher Albert is already working in a back-end for 
the MP750. Maybe both printers use the same protocol and should be 
by the same back-end. I've already asked him to translate his notes to 

Any help would be appreciated!!

Kind regards.

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