[sane-devel] Any further with canoscan LiDE 500F?

Jeff Shrowder shrowder at uniting.com.au
Sun Mar 26 20:25:18 UTC 2006

Michael Roitzsch wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
>> Looking through the archives I see a number of postings on  developing 
>> a driver for the Canon Canoscan LiDE 500F. How far did  you get?
> Unfortunately, I have not even got started, since I have very little  
> time and some other projects in need of attention. Currently, I am  
> using the scanner under Mac OS X.
> But I am still interested in a working sane backend, so maybe we  should 
> collaborate on this?
> Michael

Michael and Pierre,
Thank you for responding.
Yes, collaborating is the only way to go. In my first couple of posts to 
the sane-dev-list - which you may not have seen - I expressed interest 
in working with others on such a project because I'm not a progammer. I 
can't really count a brief engagement with COBOL and an IBM 1401 
main-frame in the 1960's and lots BASIC on several Z80-based machines in 
the 1980's :-)

Anyway, I've had my canoscan LiDE 500F for just a week (the trusty 
Mustek finally croaked). It's plugged into a redundant dual-boot 
win98/RH9 box which is networked to another couple of Linux boxes I use 
every day. That's my present solution to my need for an operational scanner.

I've used SnoopPro to log the traffic over the usb and got this enormous 
log :-) but where to from here? I can do 'lots of staring at usb logs' - 
there's plenty to stare at :-) What am I looking for?


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