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Mattias Ellert mattias.ellert at tsl.uu.se
Mon Mar 27 14:34:41 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-03-27 at 15:37 +0200, Felix Rubio Dalmau wrote:
> Hash: RIPEMD160
> Thank you very much :-) I've found my error. The units in which sane
> gives me the range of X and Y (top-X, top-Y, bottom-X and bottom-Y)
> are not in millimeters, as is told by the scanner. Does anyone know
> the reason for this? I've discovered that X ranges from  to 14.000.000
> aprox, and it's trivial to see that it can't be millimeters (can you
> imagine it? :-S wooo). How could I discover the real units of that
> measure?
> Thanks!

It is millimetres, but the data type is not integer, but fixed.

The option descriptor you get with sane_get_option_descriptor contains
the fields type and unit. In this case the type is SANE_TYPE_FIXED and
the unit is SANE_UNIT_MM. You have to check the option descriptor to
know how to interpret the values. Different backends can use different
types for the same option.

You can use the SANE_FIX and SANE_UNFIX macros to convert between double
and fixed values.


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