[sane-devel] Authorization , plug on plug off the usb scanner ??

Tamkang power_station_2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 28 05:46:58 UTC 2006

I have a Question that I encounter when I debug microtek2.c there is an Authorization function , when it will use ? is it when open xsane as a user not as a root so I must login first not as root and after that I can use the scanner , there is a problem that I don't understand where is goes wrong in this situation:
  1. when I use user login not root and then open xsane  will have error the scanner I / O Port failed and the when I debug step by step to look for the error , it seems step into the sane_open function, and when after usb_open is open the handle device and after that step to usb_claim_interface it return error code. 
  sane_open (SANE_String_Const devicename, SANE_Handle *handle)
{/*This function may return with one of the following status codes.
 1.SANE_STATUS_IO_ERROR: An error occured while communicating with the device.
 2.SANE_STATUS_NO_MEM: An insufficent amount of memory is available.
 3.SANE_STATUS_GOOD: XSane Open successfully.
   Microtek_Scanner *ms = NULL;
 Microtek_Device    *pdev;

   if (devicename[0])
 {/* selected */
  for(pdev = pdevFirst;pdev; pdev = pdev->next)
       /* no dynamic post-registration */
   if (!pdev)
        return SANE_STATUS_INVAL;
 ms = (Microtek_Scanner *)calloc(1, sizeof(Microtek_Scanner));
   ms->dev = pdev;
 ms->next = ms_first_handle; /* register open handle */
 ms_first_handle = ms;
 //ms->model = pdev->model; /* memorize model */
 /* open and prepare USB scanner handle */
 ms->hdev = usb_open(pdev->dev);
   if (!ms->hdev)
     return SANE_STATUS_IO_ERROR;/*SetError(this,SANE_STATUS_IO_ERROR, "cannot open scanner device");    */
   if (usb_claim_interface(ms->hdev, 0))
     return SANE_STATUS_IO_ERROR;/*SetError(this,SANE_STATUS_IO_ERROR, "cannot claim IF");   */
   if (usb_set_configuration(ms->hdev, 1))
      return SANE_STATUS_IO_ERROR;/*SetError(this,SANE_STATUS_IO_ERROR, "cannot set USB config 1"); */
  after has appear this SANE_STATUS_IO_ERROR , I try to plug off the USB cable or plug off  the power adapter from scanner and after 2 seconds, I plug on it again  and after that I re-run the xsane and it succesfull open xsane, but when I restart the computer and use other to login not root it still have the problem SANE _STATUS_IO_ERROR,  where is goes wrong ? it seems need root authorization isn't it ? because I use root there is no problem with IO ERROR. 
  I use REDHAT 9 kernel 2.4.20-8 and sane-backend 1.0.15 and xsane.0.97 
  Thanks for your help
  Best regards,

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