[sane-devel] Hotplug and udev files created automatically now, please test!

Peter Christy christy at attglobal.net
Wed May 3 20:53:05 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 02 May 2006 20:59, Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:

> sane-backends provides scanner lists and scripts for hotplug,
> hotplug-ng and udev. They can be found together with some
> documentation in the tools directory. There were some changes in CVS
> recently concerning the generation of the scanner lists, so there is
> the chance that I broke something. But in pronciple, it works. The
> udev script is also used by the Debian package, in fact it was written
> by the Debian SANE maintainer :-)

I've installed the libsane.rules in the /udev/rules.d/ directory, but it 
didn't help. Yes my scanner is in the list!

> In our poackage, the udev (and hotplug ...) scripts are NOT installed
> automatically.

Understood, and I've installed them manually.

> /dev/usbscanner (and similar device files like /dev/usb/scanner0)
> refer to the kernel scanner driver which does not exist on current
> kernels. Don't used them.

I guessed this was the case, but thought it was worth a try! I'll remove that 
part of my script.

> SANE uses libusb which uses /proc/bus/usb/... or /dev/bus/usb,
> whichever is available. For udev, /dev/bus/usb/... is used (see
> README.linux).

Wittawat Yamwong (further up the list) seems to think there may be a bug in 
libusb, and has offered a workaround. I hope to give it a try before I go to 
work tomorrow.

I'm going to be pretty tied up for the next few days, but will be pursuing 
this as and when I can. I haven't given up, I just need to earn some 
money ;-)

Thanks for your help!

christy at attglobal.net

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