[sane-devel] GL646 genesys, 2300c head problem

Mark Hatton mark.hatton at trap-door.co.uk
Sat May 6 11:15:54 UTC 2006

Stéphane VOLTZ wrote:
 > look at genesys_devices.c in the backends sub-directory. Line
 > 529 there a struct that describes the geometry for the 2300. You'll
 > have to adjust the "Start of scan area in mm (x_offset)" value, or the
 > "Size of scan area in mm (y) ". From your mail, I guess that a value
 > of SANE_FIX (295.0) would do the job:
 > <snip>
 > Let me know the values that work best, I'll put them in CVS.

I have tried with a value of 295 and it works great. No head crashes - 
everything just works.

Thanks for your help,


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