[sane-devel] Timetable for the release of sane-backends 1.0.18

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning at meier-geinitz.de
Sun May 21 15:15:23 UTC 2006

Hi everybody,

As already discussed some weeks before, it's time for a new release of

This is the proposed timetable for the release of sane-backends 1.0.18:

2006-06-11 Feature freeze
2006-06-25 Code freeze
2006-07-02 Release

The dates may move a few days as I may not be available on these days.

Feature freeze means that only bug fixes and documentation updates are
allowed. After code freeze only fixes of grave bugs that render a
backend completely unusable or break compilation and documentation
updates are accepted.

If there are any new backends that should be included in that release
(and haven't been committed to CVS yet and that are also not in the
list below) please tell us NOW.

This is the status of the external backends I know about:

- cs3200f: According to its author, the backend is not ready yet.
- geniusvp2: Nobody volunteered to move it into CVS and maintain it
  there. Julien reported that the "geniusvp2 doesn't release ppdev"
  problem is still there.
- hp3900: Won't be included in this release because the author thinks
  that it's not ready yet.
- hp_rts88xx: Won't be included by request of its author
- pixma: Should be ready for inclusion RSN
- stv680: Check of license-related questions ongoing, may make it into
  CVS before feature freeze
- dell1600n_net: Backend code is in CVS, Makefile/configure changes
  and documentation yet to come.

Lexmark backend version from experimental CVS (support for Dell A920):
Tests/fixes still ongoing.

coolscan2: Addition of Coolscan V/LS 50. I'm still waiting for a patch
that includes my (and other people's comments) and that is tested.
When such a patch is posted, I can include it into CVS.

There are several open bugs/wishlist items for the Epson backend. For
some of them I sent a cummulative patch to the author and hope to
include it into CVS when the author answers.

Also again the question: What's the status of the Java API that was
discussed some months ago? I may have missed it but I can't remember
that anybody asked for inclusion of the finished code to SANE CVS?

Please correct me if I'm wrong or send additions.

Please everyone have a look at out growing list of bugs and fix as
many bugs as possible:

If the bug report is bogus, please close it with a comment why it's

If you need more information from the author, add a comment. If you
don't get more info and can't reproduce the bug, close it.

Also, you can view only bugs assigned to you to reduce the number of
visible bugs. Having a look at bugs assigned to nobody is also worth a
try as some bugs affect several backends/maintainers. You can also
sort by topic ("Summary").


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