[sane-devel] Minolta dimage Scan Dual II format

Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida moitinho at civil.ist.utl.pt
Fri May 26 08:03:17 UTC 2006

On Thursday 25 May 2006 19:24, Dietmar Segbert wrote:
> Hello Jose,
> hello Rene,
> my next question is, how can i vonvert the scanned negativ to a positive?
> My brother said, that the scanned negativ ist "egativ", so i must convert
> it to an positiv.
> Can i do that with convert of the imagemagic-pagage?
> convert --negate picture1.pnm pic1positiv.pnm

For old black and white negative film that should be enough. 

Some modern black and white and colour negative films have an orange mask that 
must be filtered out before doing the conversion. There tutorials on how to 
do it using the gimp, but I imagine that you would prefer to do it from the 
command line. Perhaps there is an imagemagick guru in the audience who can 
explain us how to do it.

For positive film you should get immediately what you want, but please note 
that a "high quality scan", whatever that means, would require a more 
controlled process, namely in terms of exposure and colour correction.

> Did the ual ii detect b&w and color and slides automatically?

The default is to do a positive colour scan. I imagine that the film is black 
and white and the image looks black and white, but it is in colour mode, i.e. 
it has only white, black and gray pixels, but it could have coloured ones.



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