[sane-devel] Avision 'bug' with kodak i40

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Wed Oct 4 15:21:15 UTC 2006

On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, Rene Rebe wrote:

> Hi,
> On Wednesday 04 October 2006 14:06, m. allan noah wrote:
>> On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, Rene Rebe wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On Monday 02 October 2006 20:19, m. allan noah wrote:
>>>> in order to get the kodak i40 (clone of av-220?) working with the
>>>> avision backend, i had to extend the TUR/INQ timeouts in the function
>>>> avision_cmd() from 1500 to 2000. otherwise, the scanner gets hung in
>>>> wait_ready(), eventually timing out after 10*30 sec.
>>>> my system is A64 4000+, 1gig, FC4 64, with a very short usb cable, so
>>>> maybe i outrun the scanner a bit :) current sane cvs, btw.
>>>> rene?
>>> Yeah, best always CC me as I do need to track soo many lists.
>>> Thanks for this comment as I never got feedback for the i40. I already
>>> have longer timeouts in my SVN development copy and I'll sync all the
>>> tested changes to SANE CVS in the next days.
>>> How comes you tinker with so many differnet scanner brands recently?
>> the same question could be asked of you, since it seems that avision
>> backend works with 9 or 10 'manufacturers' :) i volunteered to make sure
> Yeah. Avision is one of the biggest scanner manufactors delivering to a lot
> OEM companies, Kodak, Visioneer, HP, Oki, ... to name a few. I think a Google
> search will reveal that Avision manufactures about 300.000 scanners per
> month ...

or, for those on this side of the pond, 300,000 :)

>> this scanner works under SANE, it was not my choice of hardware. i would
>> rather have changeable background color of a nice fujitsu :)
> Changable background color?

yes, the higher end fujitsus ($900+) have a servo/solenoid-driven 
background behind the page, opposite the read head, such that the driver 
can choose between a black or white background. when you enable 
overscanning, this makes it quite easy to deskew the page.

> Btw. some Fujitsu are also made by Avision :-)

i am aware. IIRC, FUJITSU (or at least FCPA) was AVISION's first customer. 
remember that i have an sp15c for which i sent patches to you :)

>> i will try to find time to load your SVN copy tonight and run some tests
>> so you can update the status from 'basic'. with current CVS, i have done
>> color/gray/lineart at a few resolutions, but have not tried duplex yet. i
>> expect 'good' is a better choice.
> That would be nice indeed.
>> visioneer/paperport also appear to sell this scanner too?
> Yep.

"so don't tell us it can't be done, putting down what you don't know.
money isn't our god, integrity will free our souls" - Max Cavalera

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