[sane-devel] Genesys, Canon LiDE 50 - Failed to start scanner: Error during device I/O

Laurent Charpentier laurent_pubs at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 12 10:47:08 UTC 2006


> Do you get any suspicious kernel log entries?
dmesg returned the following:
usb 1-2: new high speed USB device using address 7
usbfs: USBDEVFS_BULK failed dev 7 ep 0x81 len 4096 ret -71
usbfs: USBDEVFS_CONTROL failed cmd xsane dev 7 rqt 64 rq 12 len 1 ret -71

Also I've just fixed the problem. This is a pretty ugly fix (done only once):
- I lock the scanner (using the mechanical lock under the LiDE 50)
- I try to scan (with xsane).
- The head moves up and down without stopping (ugly noise).
- At some point during this up/down move I unlock the scanner.

After that the scanner worked again in all modes!


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