[sane-devel] Merging multiple images into PDF

R. Keith Dennis dennis at rkd.math.cornell.edu
Thu Oct 19 16:01:56 UTC 2006

If you scan to .tiff, there are several methods:

  tiff2pdf which comes with libtiff v. 6 (handles color & grayscale)

  tiff2pdf from the ADS (Astro-physics Data System) at Harvard (bitonal
  images only, but does a nice job)

  PDFlib - a free version can be downloaded; can be used to wrap jpeg
  or tiff files in pdf.

If you can't get tiff scans, you can use pnm2tiff from Netpbm to
convert pnm files to tiff.

All operations can be put together with a script, e.g., perl.

If you need to manipulate the images first, you'll need to do that
separately.  What do you need to do to them?

I always scan at 600dpi bitonal, but I mainly do text, not pictures.

I've always found ImageMagick to be slow & a resource hog, so never
use it.


> Now, I only have one question with regards to it, and that is merging
> multiple images into a single PDF file. When scanning I get files in the
> format somename-####.jpg , .pnm or .png depending on the format I
> specify. and I would very much like to merge them into a single file to
> send out.

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