[sane-devel] tiff2pdf script or sample

Jens Gulden mail at jensgulden.de
Mon Oct 30 23:47:30 UTC 2006

Tom Miller schrieb:
> Does any one have any information on how to
> use tiff2pdf so that it will combine 
> mulitple files into one file and convert to pdf?
> Thanks much,
> Tom

Use tiffcp to combine multiple tiffs to one, e.g.

tiffcp page1.tiff page2.tiff page3.tiff allpages.tiff

(or just 'tiffcp page*.tiff allpages.tiff').

Then use tiff2pdf:

tiff2pdf -z -o MyPdf.pdf allpages.tiff

-z will use internal zip-compression (it seems depending on the version of tiff2pdf this is the 
default anyway).

Hope this helps,

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