[sane-devel] bug #303798: possible buffer overflow in fujitsu.c

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Mon Sep 4 10:11:26 UTC 2006


On Sep 1 14:06 m. allan noah wrote (shortened):
> > > https://alioth.debian.org/tracker/?group_id=30186&atid=410366&func=detail&aid=303798
> hmm, not as simple as that, afterall. johannes, i think your fix of asking for
> 11 bytes will cause some older models of scanner to choke, as they only
> provide 10 bytes. the current sane cvs can handle this, but sane 1.0.18
> version of fujitsu backend will probably fail.
> i recommend that you change your fix to return that buffer to 10 bytes long,
> and comment out:
> s->hw_ink_remain = get_HW_ink_remain(buffer);
> the ink level is of no use currently anyway, since the endorser is disabled.

Very many thanks!
Now I only disabled the above mentioned line.
For details, see

Kind Regards
Johannes Meixner
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