[sane-devel] EXIF data in TIFF images

Giuseppe Sacco giuseppe at eppesuigoccas.homedns.org
Sat Sep 9 13:59:52 UTC 2006

> Hi all,
> is there any way, using SANE API, to pass EXIF data from a backend to
> the application? I am looking at the coolscan2 backend and wondering if
> resolution, position, date, scanner model, etc could be stored in the
> output TIFF file.

I found an old thread about this subject, of august 2003. From that thread
it seems that the better approach would be to leave EXIF to the frontend.
BTW, it was suggested to enhance sane-2 in order to have a better
interface even for EXIF.

What is the status of SANE-2 implementation?


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