[sane-devel] xsane hpaio with ADF bug report and PATCH

abel deuring adeuring at gmx.net
Sat Sep 16 20:09:42 UTC 2006

Alex Eskin wrote:
> The attached one-line patch against xsane-0.991 is needed
> to get the automatic document feeder on my OfficeJet 5610
> to work with xsane. The problem is that xsane does not
> call "sane_cancel" after scanning a page from the ADF, and
> the page is then not properly ejected.

this is a bug in the backend, but not in xsane. The funny thing is
that the Python module for Sane in the Pythin Imaging Library had to
be fixed a few months ago so that sane_cancel is _not_ automatically
called after every scan. If a frontend calls sane_cancel after every
scan, it can't read the backside data from duplex scanners supported
at least by the avision backend. This backend (and probably others)
discard the buffered backside data from a duplex scan in the
sane_cancel call -- an absolutely reasonable and legitimate behaviour.

> scanimage already does the right thing and  works with my
> scanner. So I think the problem is with xsane. From looking
> at various mailing lists, it seems that it affects at least
> some of the other hpaio devices.
> Is this the right place to report this?

uhhh, yes and no ;) I don't know, if Oliver runs a separate mailing
list for XSane, but anyway: you should tell the hpaio developers
about the problem and ask them for a fix.


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